Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Dialogue

It is basic to consider and to establish the dialogue with the divergent, heterogeneous cultures, that they have one to know that crosses knowing of the scientific or instituted said ones, and, thus, it joins rationality, intuition, dream, imaginary, sensitivity, art etc (9). The collective presents a infinity of possibilities for the risk of adoecimento of the individuals that of them are part, therefore of same form also has diverse ways so that they make possible the nurse to act so that these adoecimentos diminish significantly in the collective context, in view of that the assistance given to these people must aim at the auto-care and as well as changing the perspectives of the same ones focusing that its cooperation is of basic importance in such a way in its proper health as well as of the other people surround who them. As in the case of the Affection, if it does not have a class action enters the inhabitants of one definitive community for the effective combat to the mosquito vector of the affection, does not have a control in the cases of adoecimentos as well as of the imminences of deaths promoted for this pathology in its more serious form. The interaction of the nurse with the community becomes essential so that the perspective of the promotion of health in collective scope is reached, therefore, they become necessary that the same it has a directed optics some ways to act of efficient and coesa form, paraque thus are carried through communitarian projects that propitiate improvements in quality of life of its clientele. PRACTICAL RELATION OF the NURSING IN the COLLECTIVE HEALTH In the assistencial process of nursing, in particular in the collective health, the diligent spear hand in such a way of a series of technologies that include the necessary equipment and instruments to the development of its work as, for example: the physical structure, the procedures technician, the educative brochures, the knowledge structuralized concerning the epidemiologia, planning in health and others, how much of technologies that involve the relations between the citizens in the assistance process, that they say respect to listening, to the humanizado attendance, to the bond and the respect for the other, while somebody that carries a difficulty, a problem or a necessity any (7).

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