Saturday, January 5, 2013

Interpersonal Relationship

Currently had the great existing competitiveness between the companies, the great differential starts to be man, that is, the collaborator, who must be motivated, engaged and satisfied with the position that occupies. For that is necessary an environment that propitiates the satisfaction and the welfare of the same. The nursing professionals, as well as excessively of the area of the health constantly are displayed the generating situations of sufferings emotional when witnessing pain moments and death of the patients, for in such a way needs an effective work to improve the QVT, in view of that it stops taking care of of the health of other people is necessary before to take care of of its proper health. In the society where we live the people pass each time more time in organizacionais environments, and the professionals of the health, as of the nursing area, are inserted in environments of tension, which had the diverse factors, such as the work overload, the physical conditions of the institution and the wage inadequao. In such a way, its work can many times be generating of emotional sufferings, physical and psychological consumings, becoming the excellent subject to be searched for psychologists.

Some research carried through with professionals of the nursing area points different factors of insatisfao as the internal and external iniquidade as for the remuneration, the hours of working, the physical environment, the great productivity demanded without adequate physical resources, low the remuneration, the insufficient number of professionals, the work overload, among others (SAINTS and GUIRARDELLO, 2007, PIZZOLI, 2005, REZENDE and HISS, 2008, NEUMANN, 2007). Considering these aspects, this research was based on the theoretical model of Walton, having objectified to analyze the perception of the nurses, who act in a located hospital institution in the region of the Valley of the Itaja, on its QVT. In such a way, the perception of these professionals on the following aspects was investigated: work conditions; the remuneration system; the chances of personal and professional development; the chances of growth and security in the work; the level of satisfaction as for the Social integration/Interpersonal Relationship in the work environment; the fulfilment of the working laws for the institution; the balance between professional and personal life and the social relevance of the institution for the community.

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