Wednesday, November 7, 2012


FOR VOCS DEAR PEOPLE! GOOD BLESSED DAY. WHO AM I? YOU WHO ARE? 24/102/11 AUTHORSHIP: NORM AP. SILVEIRA OF MORAES Ando asking WHO to me AM I? The human being is so complex, so mysterious One day you wakes up glad in apogee In the other invades one day sad and painful It has always a melancholy in deep of the soul the human being never is happy total We feel homesickness, of does not know what; it will be some trauma But trauma is pain that if does not forget Homesicknesses easily or is simply solitude Because it has a part in us that nobody understands Has mysteries in the soul that dilacera the heart Things that even though people do not understand Mysteries of the life, of our unconscious ones That he is always awaken catching everything Many things that we are not conscientious Even in a lapse of memory, that backwards tona however I always stop to reflect on the life and, the evil and the good in combat always Leaving doubts, fear and perverted mind Goodness, friend, who goes assisting in the consuming Desiring and being peace, we know that many are in contrast, Like you intrigue, to distill poison and to contaminate But who feel the force of the faith and are humanitarian are not left to involve without seeing the side of the question to judge Are easy to perceive the joy of living and the smile of who has peace, harmonizes and contaminates the positive energy of some people namely Cures until the sadness, of the life, brightens up and livens up For this I asks? Who am I? What I came to make in this blue planet? So beautiful abundant e? What necessary to learn? Know I mine? What it interests is to fight until the proper evil and being of the well helping one. I adore to filosofar to only think about mine cantinho How the life plays the people of a side for the other Will be we who we trace this situation searching a nest Or the mystery of the life still has that to be coming? Unhappyly the materialism took account of everything and almost nobody is giving attention In what it occurs in, life and they do not go to the study Of the COSMIC laws, of the soul and of the transformation But everything it has its hour, the life it puts in charge to teach In the hour of the fear is that if it remembers the Loving FATHER Some nor believe the power, of who Creates and if it makes To take care of But the evolution if makes necessary because it has yes something Powerful Happy of who if This places at the hands of God its feelings follows its calm way and with confident thought It is satisfied and it learns, it earns in the battle, of the events Because nothing the suffering lasts forever also is distant Has happy moments, a paradox of the BEING IN the WORLD the life is lesson, after an other, in pgnas white of the life Each day is only different e, and everything leadsthe deep learning Because everything has bedding and law, stops in the good fighting and being successful Appeared norm Silveira de Moraes/DEEP PEACE!

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