Friday, September 14, 2012


The people attacks for the illness had been confined and treated in leprosrios during many years. She has as objective main the aspects for the diagnosis and precocious treatment considering that all the people are inclined the adquiriz them. Its etiolgico agent is the Mycobacterium leprae, or bacillus Hansen, discovered for Gerhard Armauer Hansen in 1873. The Hansenase if manifest under the form of injuries in the skin and the peripheral nerves, possesss high infectividade and low pathogenicity its transmission is for the respiratory ways.

The degree of immunity of the individuals is changeable and determines the evolution of the illness that is classified on the forms paucibacilares and the multibacillary ones, that if manifest on the forms Indetermined, Tuberculide, Dimorfa, Virchowiano. The diagnosis is defined by the presence of injuries of skin with sensitivity alteration, acometimentos of the nerves and for baciloscopia. The patients are dealt with poliquimioterapia (PQT), and are recommended for all the cases of hansenase in accordance with the classification of the sick person. Brazil is as the country with bigger number of cases of hansenase, the main control of the illness is the diagnosis and the precocious treatment, beyond the made intradomiciliar control with vaccine BCG. The stigma and the preconception are gifts in the life of the carrier of hansenase, making it difficult in facing the illness, bringing serious problems in the personal and professional life.

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