Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gestalt Therapy

The self which consists of the introyectos doesn't work spontaneously, as it is made of concepts about oneself; views on the nature and criteria 7 duties human taxes from outside. For Perls, it is with the biting and chewing when the child instead of swallowing the food simply can start to develop your sense of taste and to choose between what she wants and does not want to swallow psychologically environment. Is at this stage of the child's dental development when Perls proposes that the need for primary learning through the introjection can begin to be replaced by self-determination 8 aggressiveness Introjection La Gestalt Therapy, shines with Perls, a positive approach to aggression. In I, hunger and aggression, Perls describes its origins in what he called dental aggression, biting and chewing of a personal experience to absorb the parts that you need and get rid of that non- and this requires energy, excitement or aggression. For Gestalt Therapy, aggressiveness is healthy by nature and is at the service of life. Supermodel often says this. The healthy personality is formed by a succession of Yes and not according to the idiosyncrasy of the child 9. To digest or assimilate a food must be bitten and chewed into smaller units for your digestion. Analog way, mental food-moral concepts, social requirements need be de-structured, reviewed and selected to be assimilated and integrated into the personality or discarded.

Aggressive features, understood as power to mobilize go towards, they allow the excitation and can be useful to bite and chew food physical and psychological equivalent 10. The introjection is not possible without excitation and excitation is not possible without aggression. To steal something from the environment is necessary is necessary appetite and initiative and be able to take risks. Introjection and field body/environment for Gestalt Therapy body/Environment Unit form a field, an inseparable whole where figure and background occur based on mutual needs.11 For Goodman the energy involved in the formation of the figure comes from the two polosdel field, the organism and the environment 12 the need of the organism, from catch to assimilate only is possible in the contact process (body/environment), process that begins with a need to, approaching, destroy, in order to identify, contact, withdraw and asimiliar.13 In the contact process, the introjection appears in a phase of the excitation of the own desire.

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