Sunday, October 12, 2014

Physical Activity

The man in the quest to develop different skills through physical activity has created an endless number of sports that have the potential to develop many skills that without proper training and without the evidence of the practice of a particular sport can not be purchased. So among the many sports that man has created is the handball sport in which the need for speed, power, agility and precision that Quine makes this sport have to practice your body require a good level of fitness which achieved with training and perseverance in practice in games of handball. As you can understand this, the handball is an excellent sport, as in you can find very good features that require the body to use the skills of the body, so without a good agility, power, precision and speed would be impossible the sport was the large sample of physical ability is. Going further in what is handball, information is passed to the aspects that accompany this sports, so the handball is a sport which is played using a ball, which seeks to annotate the arc of the side. In the place of handball matches, must have two teams in the field of play and each must be composed of six players, where one of them must act as a gatekeeper, the rest of the distribution of the positions will depend on the way to play team.

Handball is very popular in a number of European countries and with the passage of time has been gaining strength in Latin American countries like Argentina and the Dominican Republic in countries which already have large development, and in many other countries already begins to apply. Speaking of the history of handball, there is evidence of the sport since ancient times, since it is believed that in ancient Greece there was a similar game, where they used a ball the size of an apple, but then the idea was not to but not to drop points. But handball as it is known today for his first appearances would late nineteenth century in Europe. The main objective of handball is marking the most goals in the arch rival, and to achieve a goal the players using all its power and accuracy should throw the ball from outside the area, which is 6 meters, but it is also possible the entry of a goal inside the area, as long as they make the release of the ball from the air, ie throwing the ball before falling. So be goal when the ball crosses the goal line completely. The ball can touch any part of the body from the thighs up, except the goalkeeper, which can also make use of the feet.

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