Monday, October 13, 2014

Opal Pool

Each pond has its gryazeem or completely unusual poetic name. How you like these names: House of the Devil, Rainbow Crater Gremiashchii crater, Ink Pot Devil artist's palette, Opal Pool, Pool Champagne. This is only a small part of the names craters. As you can guess the names of the color and beauty of these basins and craters. I must say that the names match what they see. Champagne Pool largest in the area.

It has 60 m in diameter and 60 m depth, absolutely clear water with a temperature of 74 degrees, emit carbon dioxide has the effect of the bubbles in champagne. This basin was formed 900 years ago. Its water contains gold, silver, mercury, sulfur, arsenic, antimony, thallium, and much more. All of this is postponed for beoegu this beautiful lake in the form of extraordinary socheteny colors. Above the lake is steam, but when the wind blows it, then eyes the picture is quite amazing. The long route was length of three kilometers. But in this heat, so even in open areas we really had enough of these three miles.

We went through the bushes and rusty, and past waterfalls and lakes, crossed the stormy broad streams, which do not with fish out of water chemistry. And every minute of our walk, we just admired the beauty and uniqueness of this nature, but some kind of power emanating from everything that surrounds us and yet mysterious. Allen is the second time in these places, and she brought me here to show this place to me and share their feelings, which are caused by this nature, I think she was glad she was able to do it.

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