Monday, October 13, 2014


This is a foundation of success. Identify what we are failing and prepare to correct the situation or behavior face to see new opportunities in life. a A few days ago while I polish the shoes in a beautiful wooded area in the heart of Santiago de Cali, Plaza de Caicedo, that man told me while I was polishing shoes: a Soy polishes one of the most looking for here. Do you realize? Well, not always so. When you start to cast bitumen in the middle of the knights.

Everything to do my work fast and meet for new customers . a - Are you into trouble? - I asked. "No, actually it was very decent people. I made complaints. But I lost a lot: I went to look for shoe polishing.

Only when I set out to do things right, the demand for my services was the same as at the beginning, is now looking with greater interest me. They know it works well - explained with healthy pride. a met him. It was a very good job as an illustrator. Recognizing the failures was the beginning to improve and to move towards excellence, a key point for success. to recognize the errors is essential to change and grow. And if are oriented to change, if craving is the most expensive home to our hearts, is God who is opening the door to take those concrete steps to correct the bad and resume the path toward good, toward personal and spiritual growth, which is the foundation of success. a The apostle Paul wrote to mourn for the wrong they have done, consciously or unconsciously, is a good sign and gives direction to a new dimension of change: a Ahora I rejoice, not because you were made, but because you were grieved to repentance , because you were made by God, so that any loss suffered by our side.

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