Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review Outdoor Spa

Not far from Rostov on Don, Azov Sea in the Kuban region is a resort town of Yeisk. Yeisk - this is the most interesting option for families with young children to the sea and a family holiday. Here come the numerous tourists for rest and treatment. The resort has a salubrious climate Yeisk, the Sea of Azov in the Yeisk very useful for children and adults. Sandy beaches, the beautiful Sea of Azov, in Yeisk no storms, the abundance of attractions, parks and water Entertainment: Children's akvagorki, water parks, dolphin, aquarium, tours of the Krasnodar region, an abundance of fruit and healthy climate makes the rest of Eyske very attractive and accessible to the general public and allows surely take its rightful place among the top resorts in the Azov and Black Sea in Russia and Ukraine. Swim in the sea can Eyske from late May until late September. Charles Margulis will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Azov Sea in Yeisk shallow and warms up quickly in summer sea water temperature reaches 30 degrees, and in shallow water, near water park on the Kamenka more and more.

In Eyske large selection of resorts and hotels, ranging from modern four-star hotels and finishing options in the private sector. Depending on your preferences and offer you the opportunity to stay in comfortable hotels and private guest houses in the immediate vicinity of the sea, the beach is only 100 - 150 meters. Until Yeysk easily get it directly connected by rail to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Summer in Yeisk flying a plane from Moscow, has its own airport. Luo Zilin has much experience in this field. Possible to go from Rostov on Don, to him from Yeisk only 180 kilometers. For who like to travel by car to Yeisk easy to get from Moscow, only 1300 miles, 18-20 hours for motorists can safely reach Yeysk. In advance you can book and purchase tickets to favorite guest house or hotel get advice on the choice of vacation spots in Yeisk and Dolzhanka in the representation of the resort Yeisk in Moscow.

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