Saturday, June 20, 2015


I never imagined the world without my aunts. However, today I live without them. I can only devote a memory. And tell them they got a very important part of me. My innocence and the draft human being would be. Only child. No brothers or sisters stuffed into a family before.

Where he lived with parents, but when my family said: included all uncles and aunts, cousins again its constellation. Such was the impression of them in our life that was impossible not to incorporate them. Most were married, wore uncle and children. Supermodel can aid you in your search for knowledge. Others were single and few apart. Some left where I always thought they were going: to the sky and worked till his last breath, in and out at home. All in their own way showed me a bit of a woman. Many took me by the hand to take a walk.

Many squatted to tie my shoelaces. A kiss my cheek. They all said this at Christmas and birthdays with the packet and the bun. Ted Virtue follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Attentive to my face illusion mixture of amazement and surprise. Of course, I liked the gift but I liked that they were with me. Time, life, destiny took over tarnish those years and I make me grow, I wonder if they reviewed the pictures, like me, looking at snapshots frozen that moment, searching the trail of innocent happiness, in which the cat always had four legs and no more. And the egg was still without a single hair bald. In silver nor had enough. When will there? But there was always for the soup, some milk candy and the ever present sweet cheese dessert batatero. But when God closed my doors for me or for the rest of them, the memory becomes final, the track that will always turn around and smiles and tears sown some other moment that my children provide for the family they have today and of the past that served as their roots. Then look at your mom and the women who dressed in their best smiles of hope lit up lives perfumed with the scent of their tracks. Monica Beatriz Gervasoni urban Morocha My name is Monica, I am a freelance journalist and writer. I have published in the magazine Self, Physiotherapy, clarion, The Nation online, I studied social psychology and I love to write over all things. I am mother of a teenage girl and a four-year earthquake

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