Sunday, June 21, 2015

Psychosomatic Illnesses

For example, an individual that has hereditary predisposition for diabetes, will be able to present symptoms of this illness, during a period of tension. Practically all the illnesses present emotional components, except strict hereditary the pathological manifestations, as for example, the hemofilia, the falciforme anemia. Also the caused ones for environment factors, alimentary poisonings, occupational diseases (TO READ) and poisonings for pollution are not placed between the psychosomatic diseases. But it is possible, however, that exactly in these cases, the level of damages is increased in result of the psychic tension, since the emotional state of the victim frequent helps to determine the course of the illness. Details can be found by clicking Gunnar Peterson or emailing the administrator. MAIN PSYCHOSOMATIC ILLNESSES: 1? Cardiovascular riots - Such as Prolapse de Vlvula Mitral, coronariana illness, infarto of the myocardium and the hipertenso. 2? Respiratory riots: Syndrome of Hyperventilation (increased breath stops beyond that necessary one to inside keep the sanguineous gases of the normal variation), Asthma (constriction of the bronchis).

3? Imunolgicos riots: Alrgicos riots, auto-immune cancer, Riots. 4? Gastrintestinais riots: (One of the places most common of psychosomatic symptoms): Syndrome of the irritable col, ulcerosa peptic Illness (ulcer in the stomach or duodeno), illness of Crolm, ulcerativa colite. To know more about this subject visit Luo Zilin. 5? Cutaneous riots: Prurido (itch), Psoriase (chronic dermatitis? colored injuries? silver-plated and escamosa appearance), Hiperidrose (sudorese extreme), atpica Dermatitis (eczema), urticria. 6? Artrite Reumatide? Inflammations to articulate and structures associates. 7? Endcrinos riots: - Of the Pncreas (Hipoglicemia/Diabetes Mellitus) - Tireoideanos (Hipertireoidismo/hipotireoidismo) - Paratireoideanos (Hiperparatireoidismo/hipoparatireoidismo) 8 Chronic pains Some characteristics of personalities make with that the people are citizens the psychosomatic illnesses, as for example: - Diabetes: People with this illness present long history of malaise, fatigue, moleza and feeling of depression and desperation? great psychological conflicts below of the surface live. Diabetic the typical one is drifter, leaves others to decide and later they assume the role unwillingly. They are people who in first infancy seem to have themselves debated enter the resentment to the parents and the docile submission they.

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