Monday, December 12, 2011

Medical Business

And each of the participants medical business, both by doctors and by patients, is trying to sweeten this insatiable ego. Money stood at the forefront and has eclipsed the very cause of medicine. Gone are the right relationship between patient and physician. Before the patient came to the doctor for help and advice. The doctor treated the patient as a member of the family. Often, a doctor was present at weddings, birthdays and other family celebrations. It was respect. Where does it go? He was replaced by other values.

Today the doctor is measured not by a human and professional qualities and the desire to fulfill his medical debt, and on the amount of money and valuables that are understood by modern Man, Mercedes, a yacht, big house, exotic exclusive travel, etc. How is it that despite the fact that the technology has improved and many new science invented in the diagnosis and treatment, the average morbidity and mortality have not changed? Science has indeed become better. But the main problem is that its application is based on the principles of profit. Modern approach to understanding the effectiveness of medicine - how much profit can be found at dollar invested. And so in all, which is not kosneshsya - and for medicines and tests, and hospital stay. Disappeared most importantly - the mutual trust between doctor and patient. Now, often a patient comes in with device great suspicion, finding out in advance on the Internet all you can about your condition.

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