Saturday, December 24, 2011

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In experiments on pigs and calves proved stimulatory effect of garlic on their growth. Experimentally and clinically proven multifaceted therapeutic and preventive effect of garlic, as well as a wealth of experience when it is used in traditional medicine - are responsible for production in many countries a large number of medicinal products only from garlic or garlic in combination with other medicinal plants. Garlic bulbs used for the prevention and treatment atherosclerosis, with hypertension (as an adjunct to modern medical therapy or during periods when the temporary treatment medication is not carried out), and infectious intestinal diseases, as and chronic purulent bronchitis, and bronchiectasis (most of the active volatile components of garlic that have antimicrobial activity, is excreted through the lungs). Garlic is used for appetite and regulatsii for intestinal motility. Good results were observed in some patients treated with garlic colitis, enteritis, flatulence, intestinal.

Destroying pathogens, garlic at the same time promotes beneficial intestinal flora. Due to its stimulating gastric acid secretion of bile action, improves digestion. Method of application. The most common way to use garlic is - welcome dinner for half to one head of garlic (peeled cloves) - (preferably with yogurt). Widespread use of a home-cooked garlic infusion of 250 grams (1 / 4 kg) of garlic bulblets clean from the husk, chop and pour a liter of vodka, soak in for 14 days at 30 C.

Bottle good cork, cap, pour the wax or wax (not to penetrate the air) and keep the sun or near the stove. Several times a day stir. After 14 days, the contents of the bottle to filter through gauze. Cooked this way tincture can be kept for one year. During epidemics of influenza, dysentery, intestinal infectious diseases before each meal to drink 10-15 drops of tincture. When the disease mentioned above diseases need to take extra has 20 drops in the hours before and after lunch. The same tincture is recommended to take and bronchitis. For bronchitis and catarrhal diseases tions recommended mix crushed garlic with diluted honey - an hour or two to take a teaspoon of this mixture. Except as tincture, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, garlic can be used as follows: peeled from the husk and chopped cloves of garlic (one head) mixed with a glass of yogurt, stand for one night and the next day, drink two to three admission. As histogenous funds (mainly against oksiur) garlic is used for enemas and 10 g of peeled cloves stoloch gradually with stirring add 100 g of boiling water or milk and then cooling - strain. The resulting liquid is used for two enemas. For prevention against influenza pounded garlic clove on a cotton swab to put in your nose.

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