Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Storage Tips

In your refrigerator perishable foods? After storage, they acquire an unpleasant odor? Is it time to change? Do not rush to send the dump his loyal assistant. Maybe the problem is not in it, and that you are wrong store food? First you need to carefully monitor the shelf life of products, carefully study the information printed on the box and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Avoid situations where you have on the shelf stray expired cottage cheese or sausage. Smell, they may issue a truly horrifying, and they soaked all that is ryadom. seem that the refrigerator is one of the most common household appliances, has opened doors, put the food and everything.

However, it is not. In order for products are ideal to store and worked as a refrigerator as long as possible to observe a few basic rules. Never load a refrigerator products too tight, remember that air must circulate freely inside the cold room, but in this case will be to ensure proper cooling of foods. Healthy Living: the source for more info. Never store food in aluminum posude.Produkty from open cans necessarily Put in a glass or porcelain dishes and close kryshkoy.Vse that has a sharp and specific smell, packed in polythene or foil (smoked fish, herring, salads). fresh fish Prior to storage, be sure to gut, and frozen to be stored only in the freezing kamere.

before putting in storage in the freezer for meat or fish, pack them in plastic bags, to the same place a note with the product name and the date of packaging. You will be much easier in future to find the desired piece, because frozen food is very difficult to identify and distinguish the flesh of the flesh with bone is almost impossible, until thawed. Each type of meat is stored frozen at different times, but we can recommend, do not keep it in the freezer for more than three months. Always remember that you can not re-freeze food, of course, they are from this will not poisonous, but their nutritional value and taste much .Petrushku rinse with water and pack in plastic bag or jar with kryshkoy.Frukty and vegetables store in a special box. Bananas in the refrigerator store, they quickly turn black and become myagkimi.Pomnite that not all fruits and vegetables can be stored nearby. Since cucumbers are a number of tomatoes are fast becoming soft and yellow. Be sure to pack them in separate plastic pakety.Yagody placed in the refrigerator unwashed in plastic containers, they are kept around day. We hope these simple recommendations will be useful to you. Do not forget about once a month remove all products from the refrigerator, washing his shelves and walls with warm water, then thoroughly cleaned with a soft cloth and allowed to dry for half an hour. With careful maintenance and attentive to your fridge will serve you faithfully for many years, keeping products in good condition.

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