Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fear God

Not is not simple to understand the responsibility we have before the Lord for our children, but the word of God speaks: "The end of all has been heard is this: Fear God and keep His commandments, because this is the whole duty human. For God shall bring every work into view, with every secret thing, whether good or bad. "Eclesiastes12 :13-14 The Christian family is a small congregation, and when the male is subject to Christ, and the man and woman children to parents, the POWER OF GOD BLESS THE FAMILY ON FLOWS in everything they undertake. The family united in Christ Jesus can pray for those in need, pray for the ministries of the church, pastors and their families, friends pray for the children, unbelievers, by the friends of parents, unconverted, for health, blessings, problem solving, and being two or more in Christ, there he is in the midst of the family, powerful. (Matthew 18:20) That is why Satan wants to destroy the family: The main purpose: to overthrow the head: The husband. If the husband falls, the whole family falls.

It's that simple. The husband will put irresistible temptation, women, sex, drugs, alcohol, addictions, idolatry, pride, etc.. Of them is filled the world, television, workplaces and lifestyles. The Christian man must be wise as serpents, to avoid deception in the way of temptation that Satan puts in your mind, so that later down the heart and poisoned. Overthrowing the Wife: (This is done from the outset, with Eve, and continues today).

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