Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Gums

Mourn at night and walk. More fuss than normal. "sticky" behavior. Credit: Healthy Living-2011. An increase in the amount of drooling seen. chewing on fingers, teething rings and other objects. Swollen, red, inflamed gums. Appetite.

interrupted sleep. There is some debate about this, but it is now generally accepted that teething does not causes fever, sleep problems, or lower immunity to infection. Teething is very painful? if you have ever bitten the inside of the cheek that you know how painful it can be? Now imagine a baby that is used for a smooth and soft (gums) and suddenly have a hard and sharp tooth pushing through the inflamed gums. It is usually the first tooth to cause the most discomfort. When babies are going through the teething process that sometimes put their hands in their mouths? this brings some relief when the gums have pressure applied to them. You can gently massage your baby to reduce the discomfort of teething? clean your fingers and rub the gums firmly? This may be uncomfortable for your baby but you get used to, and appreciate, massage else does.

Give your baby something cool to chew on? this time provides relief for some time. Wipes (you can soak in the apple juice if desired) that have been left in the freezer for 30 minutes or less? You can give your baby to chew. Just remember, everything you use, make sure your baby can drown in it. Other things your baby can chew on include a chilled banana Popsicle or ice cream.

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