Monday, February 25, 2013


It sat down in alpendre and went giving pieces in the mouth of Bruna To the times he ate one, also Bruna adored ice cream of cream and cheese of mines. Inesquecvel the day where it licked the ice cream all that we had placed in a plastic earthen bowl, and, when finishing, ran in direction my husband, with the small canister in the mouth, to ask for more But ' ' pai' ' of it had its schisms there, did not want that we gave certain tidbits to it, from fear to make badly. Of course, we respect the orders of the owner of the house. During some time, I took for it a proper prescription for dogs, with rice, carrot, worn out meat and other ingredients, but Bruna soon nauseated of that. It exactly liked age barbecue We discover one pet-shop close to our house that vendia special ice cream for cachorros, with flavors we curiosssimos, as bacon! We take some, it adored One of the things that more shocked in them was the look of Bruna.

We said that he was ' ' humano' '. Moreover, it was very intelligent and until as I will say ' ' sensitiva' '? Therefore it is Of certain made, my husband went to be submitted to examination of a serious, invasive health, and was worried about this. In a Saturday, antevspera of the examination, let us stow in Terespolis, for a barbecue. Bruna, what everything indicates, pressentiu that it was tristonho, macambzio, been silent and passed the quiet day, enroscada in the feet of it, as

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