Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Only Juliana came to react when I can decipher the meaning of those screams of excitement that she was told: win me the lottery!, win me the lottery! -then, luis leap over it, hug it and cry him again: I'm rich! I'm rich! The truth is that no one knows if it was the stealth of the emotion of Luis, but Juliana that all these heights, already long overdue is had been accustomed to the fact of limiting to generate any reasoning to expressions of her husband, but still he had noticed that currently lack of plurality in the Luis expresines to refer to his new condition Everytime she waged her screams, and her, that at no time before, for some reason, would have released to air any expression in any of the events lived with her partner, today precisely, though understandable, without any modesty in view of that atmosphere of emotions, had the folly of commenting on her husband due to the discomfort that generated the singular expression of this, the following:-Luis Bueno, imagine that already not me you hate so much, because I gave the dollar to buy the lottery ticket - then, suddenly and as if nothing, Luis calm their emotions, and after making a pause and see Juliana directly in the eyesgave the sword to this and went to the place where I had left that lottery ticket, I take it and carry it with you to enclose then in your bathroom. Do and once there, observed during for a few minutes that ticket, while Juliana from outside repeatedly asked him: Luis, is all well? but without any response, only the toilet water flow was the sound that was left to sneak through the cracks of the bathroom door. Then Luis abruptly opened that door, step on the hand of his wife, and in a few seconds I answered him: nothing woman, salt from my room, I hate! Juliana, surprised and assuming that the lottery had been an invention of Luis with the single purpose of martyr it or a joke in bad taste, is ordered to leave the room to go back to their chores as ever, as if nothing. Luis knew that one had been the winning lottery ticket, but could not resist thinking that somehow, had reconciled with his wife juliana and assume that thanks to the greenback to herself I gift him, he had been the cattle of the night. So it was at that moment, while he was locked up in his bathroom, blinded by hatred, when it was a Machiavellian boost and decided to break that ticket to convert it into a thousand pieces and then throw them by the waters of the toilet. That was another reason more why repent the rest and your life. Pedro Olmeta original Autor and source of the article

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