Monday, August 18, 2014

House Carpets

When deciding to buy carpets in the house, it is worth knowing about the existing features that distinguish one species from other carpets in order to make the right choice. Try to figure out what kind of carpet there. Conventionally they are divided into two groups - with a nap without it. The most practical pile carpets, as dirt accumulates in them less, they are more resistant to abrasion, so pile carpets can be used for living rooms or nurseries. Under most conditions Charles Margulis would agree. Pile carpets are divided into two subgroups, called kilims and sumac. Kilims - pile carpets made by hand. They have no wrong side, the carpet is obtained by two-sided. Kilims, despite its lightness, very strong. Kenneth R. Feinberg brings even more insight to the discussion.

Without any fear of them you can put furniture, and it does not spoil the carpet. In weaving these carpets are used imperceptible at first glance colored nodes. Sumac is distinguished by the fact that when they are weaving method pigtails, when the basis of colored thread threads of different colors. Carpets sumac are the front and inside. Most often, these carpets are handmade carpets, they weave with the use of machines. Recently The versatile pile carpets. Pile on the rug is created using strands, bound in bundles, the end yarn is produced outside. Most often, such carpet weaving is performed on the machines, sometimes machines simulate manual work using a specially created irregularities ornament.

With regard to materials that are used for weaving carpets, they are divided into natural and synthetic. The best material for weaving carpets always been considered a natural sheep's wool, among which there are several varieties. Best quality is wool, which is sheared from the thoracic half-year-old sheep. Ready carpet thoroughly washed to remove the smell of sheepskin and make it softer. Synthetic carpets in many respects inferior to the natural, but they have several advantages: they are easier to clean, and cost them below. Synthetic materials used for manufacturing carpets, nylon, and supra used. Sometimes used and other materials. If you have any questions on the choice of carpeting, do not hesitate to ask their sales consultants in store, they will help with the purchase. If you think that the qualifications of the seller is not sufficiently high or, in your opinion, the information you report knowingly false, simply choose to buy another store.

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