Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kilo Analysis

How much weighs a kilogram? The scientists look for the answer How much weighs a kilogram? The question seems idiot but some scientists continue looking for the answer without losing the hope to advance towards a constant value for the kg, independent of all physical object. From 1889, the kilogram is based on a cylinder made up of a 90% of platinum and a 10% of iridium, made in London in 1879 and conserved under a crystal bell in the Office of Weights and Measures of Svres, near Paris. The measurements realised for more than one hundred years show that the kg has become thin. By the same author: Gunnar Peterson. Its mass has changed the equivalent of a sand grain of 0.4 mm of diameter. Sufficient so that the scientists worldwide study a definition that can go of the physical object, as they made with him meter, defined now by the speed of the light. The objective is to redefine all the basic units - mass, distance, time, etc.

- with stable and universal values. For the kg, the scientists they suggest the use of the Planck's constant, a value that it takes the name of the father of the quantum physics, Max Planck. Complex for the neophyte, the Planck's constant is defined with a called formula h. It is to define the relation between the kilo of all the life and the Planck's constant. For that, experiments are being realised anywhere in the world.

The scientists use balances of the watt, an apparatus that allows to turn the mechanical power into electric power and vice versa. " Our experiments advance, but it is in a moment for putting in practice the new definition of kilogramo" , he indicated Michael Stock, of the Royal Society of London. " One of the problems is that we will need more balances the watt of which tenemos" in order to measure of trustworthy way the kilogram when the new definition is applied, it explains. It considered that the change could be approved " razonablemente" in the next conference of measured weights and anticipated in Paris in 2015. MISSION To provide to our clients efficient procedures that allow to offer us the same, security and knowledge in the escogencia of the equipment and accessories in all referring to its laboratory and industrial instrumentation, thus contributing quick solutions to the projects in execution to that this area talks about. VISION To maintain our clients satisfied and to turn us into a recognized company leader and national and internationally in the provision, commercialization and maintenance of different products for all the investigation and control area of quality with a view to the international markets. Original author and source of the article.

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