Friday, January 10, 2014

Jorge Wilstermann

JOSE BRECHNER when the nazis decided to take over the world, referred to the whole world. They managed to occupy much of Europe and some from Africa. They thought taking Asia, Oceania and North America with the help of the Japanese, but the bomb in Hiroshima put an end to their plans on that flank. This is the best-known story. What many ignore, is that besides the above-mentioned places, in its imperial plans also included South America. To enter in this space the Germans chose Bolivia. Geographic center of the Southern Cone, or as called it them, the herzland (the heart of the Earth or geographic heart). Place of vital geostrategic importance if you want to control the whole of the continent.

Initially sent to Bolivia civil engineers who built one of the first modern airports in South America in the city of Cochabamba, the center of the country, known today as airport Jorge Wilstermann, in honor of the first Bolivian, rightly of German pilot, who comes from the name of the football team which is known by the fans of the sport. The choice of Bolivia was not random, as it was not for Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara when they initiated their aggression guerrilla in Nancahuazu, which ended with its claims of the herzland domain for a long time, after the victory of the Bolivian army on the invading Communists, until he came to power the current Inca chieftain. Nor is mere coincidence or love of neighbour, that the Russians are offering to assemble a plant nuclear power in Bolivia, announced its Ambassador in La Paz, Leonid Golubev. The diplomat said that Russia could help in the atomic development of Bolivia for peaceful purposes. It would have to be too blatant to indicate that it could be used later for warlike purposes. That's what Ahmadinejad. If something extra to Bolivia is energy, just like Iran.

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