Friday, January 24, 2014

Power For Trasformar Our Lives

To wait for the best thing is relatively easy, to give the best thing requires a strong commitment with one same one, now we think about the implications to make the things by halves, this brings negative consequences to us and many people begin to complain the surroundings if to realize that they themselves have been the cause of their situation. Not to act suitably it is product of bad habits such as: the impuntualidad, little exigency, works badly elaborated, not to fulfill the terms, lack of word, little investigation, etc. which is the consequence of these habits? Then to obtain mediocre results in the activity that we are developing, that is something that you always must know clearly in his mind, we cannot generate expectations high making an evil work. In order to prevail then it must change the form in which it makes the things, now to undo of the bad habits can be a quite hard task, but it works in systematic form yes is possible to do it. The affirmations are enunciated powerful that little by little are changing our beliefs, in the book the Power For Trasformar Our Lives of Andrew Corentt this book is taught to us as the technique of the affirmations can change our life, when reading you you will know many secrets to influence its mind and to insert new ideas, will associate the use of the senses to its objectives and of that way it will break schemes obstacles. The habits of excellent always give good results and the world is full of opportunities for those who know to look for, at the book the Power For Trasformar Our Lives will learn to redirect its ideas with the acquisition of good habits and this will allow him to obtain huge things. An affirmation is a great tool of change if we know depth its extraordinary capacity, many people have obtained surprising changes through process of affirmations, ideas even that they go beyond the conscious logic, for example: to increase the income in just a short time remarkably, to lower of weight, to increase of stature, to reduce the size of the foot, to secure pair, etc. Some of the previous cases leave the traditional reasoning, how it is possible to grow if I am 38 years old? For the conscious mind it is impossible, but for the subconscious mind nothing is impossible, because at spiritual level what exists is information, data, just as robots that paint automobiles, the lintels in tonalities are possible if we programmed that robot, in the life happens exactly equal, to do it is not simple, that must know it clearly, but it is possible..

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