Saturday, April 5, 2014

Domesticated Cows

Cows and bulls are the main animals in agriculture. From these animals people get meat, milk, and made of them canned meat, semi-finished and even bone. Everyone knows: Cows give milk, from which made cheese and butter, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, and other popular dairy products. Why do people at the dawn of its development tamed (domesticated) of these animals? The answer seems obvious: that it is for milk and meat man and domesticated cows with the bulls. But it's not, it is the widespread misconception.

Ancient ancestor of the bulls and cows is a tour. People long before the domestication of tours had already tame sheep, pigs and even goats. These three species of animals were given primitive man all he needed: meat, wool and warm, and nutritious milk, hides and fat of these animals was also in great demand by ancient people. After all, it is clear that cope with their herds of goats or sheep, for example, is much easier, is less whimsical, more supple and weak animals than old bulls (tours). Goats, pigs and sheep, of course, require much less care, care, are less voracious, but more prolific, as they are more positive mood, in relation to man, animals.

They are also simpler and easier to beat, brutally and with impunity to punish. Goats, sheep and pigs grow quite quickly, much faster than the cows. Therefore, milk goats begin to provide faster human cows, pigs quickly fatten fat, and thus a valuable and nutritious weight. The sheep, superior bulls and cows on a temporary Indicators of capacity of body weight per unit volume, respectively, they are more cost-effective, high-yield and payback for their support through its tasty meat. For example, while a young calf to grow, lamb and goat already transformed into an adult sheep or a goat, and is already able to give at this age, the offspring, giving offspring and therefore quickly prepare your meat + their offspring. A number of scholars believe and insist that the rounds managed to domesticate some eight or nine thousand years ago. According to their calculations it happened in those places where it was especially developed agriculture - namely, the peoples who lived in the valleys of the great rivers of the Tigris, Euphrates and the Nile, in the ducts of the Indus and Yandzi. It is in those places, people bred in the most productive, demographics of those areas dramatically gathered momentum. And there, in the valleys of these rivers, numerous people have need of priority in power and muscle of animals. It was there that people are catching of wild animals, ruthless force and constant beatings (and often under threat of death) have led the poor and good-natured wild herbivores bulls pull heavy plows for many hours a day. Ancient People named this phenomenon a beautiful expression: taming wild bulls and tours. Yet not one rounds used local residents who lived in those places, they were forced to pull plows, even cows, which in connection with their femininity weaker (compared with the bulls), obedient, and the nature quieter. When the bulls are properly managed with the cultivation of land, and they have remained free time, people decided that the bulls should not relax. And clever, and at the same time selfish, but weak people quickly adapted and used oxen and other heavy work. Bulls clock spun millstones, carried any weight, faithful companions of the same bull - cow, the man decided to just to milk and eat.

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