Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bone Health

To the judgment of the doctors who lived in the 1980s of the century past trauma could qualify of epidemic of the 20th century. The surgeons knew it better than others. Bone fractures, burns? joints shattered the happy outcome of the surgical intervention in such cases depended largely, if would in time have the surgeons of the necessary spare parts: bones, tissues cartilaginous El Bank of tissues preserved for transplantation, created establishment attached to the Institute of Orthopaedics in Kiev, was able to immediately provide the surgeon required replacement. In the said Bank, in a medium large (196 degrees Celsius below zero) was kept everything that doctors needed in their struggle to save the life of the human being. The latest achievement of the specialists of the Bank was the preservation of large vessels. The Bank's bodies? tissues destined for transplant allowed creating the Center (the first in the Soviet Union) attached to the aforementioned Institute for the treatment of osteomyelitis? the purulent condition of the bones that can develop because of any trauma. The fact that 90% of patients who had been undergoing treatment in Kiev virtually had recovered his health, he was merit not only the skill of surgeons, but also preserved tissues that had replaced the affected tissues. The scientific staff of the Bank was not only dedicated to find new methods of preserving tissues, but was also new methods of treatment.

Vasiliy Krivenko, one of the partners of the Bank, said - if we transplant a common bone tissue on the inside of the infected bone? current, such a procedure is not always sufficient for a happy healing. At that time they found a new method to cure the affected bone. Destined for transplantation bone is the bone liquid extracted? It is mixed with more efficient medications in the given condition. Act followed, bone fluid is injected into the affected bone. The bone only It seemed absolutely closed, while in reality the fourth part of its volume were the pores. Therefore, precisely through the pores remedies which administered acted on the affected field.

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