Monday, April 20, 2015

Apple Juice Spritzer

Skipping meals as well as the one-sided selection and preparation of food promote the loss of appetite and the snacking between meals. School breakfast is intended to supplement the first breakfast (which is usually at home). The food selection is therefore adapted to fashion. At least one-third of the daily energy consumption should be covered on the first two breakfast meals. I.e. when a child between 10 and 15 years, depending on the age and gender with total energy demand between 2150-2500 kcal daily (German society for nutrition, 2000), accounted for the first and second breakfast between 710-830 kcal. Something should be drunk at every meal.

Suitable drinks for the first snack at school can milk, milk-based drinks, be diluted fruit - and vegetable juices and mineral water and unsweetened tea. High sugar drinks such as Cola, lemonade, ice tea, etc are not suitable. The first and second breakfast could consist for example of the following components: warm milk with honey to plain yogurt with a few almonds, strawberries and some honey to the sweet to the sprinkle. The fruit provides vitamins, the nuts provide easy and polyunsaturated fatty acids, milk and yoghurt supply protein. Second breakfast suitable then for example a rubbed with cream cheese and sandwiches with chives wholemeal rolls with sliced apples and Apple Juice Spritzer. Tip: This bun there if necessary also finished at the bakery, or possibly in the school kiosk to buy, it can be prepared also in the evening and kept in the fridge. First breakfast of plain yogurt (whole milk) (quantity: 125 g / a cup with 87.5 kcal) strawberries (amount: 100 g 33 kcal) honey (quantity: 1 tablespoon / 20 g with) 66.4 kcal) almonds (amount: 10 grams / 10 almonds with 58 kcal) milk (3.5% fat) (amount: 250 ml / a cup with 172.5 kcal) sum: 483,8 kcal second breakfast Vollkonrbrotchen (amount: 55 g / a piece with 123.8 kcal) cream cheese (55% FAT) (quantity: 25 g with 71.2 kcal) chives (amount: 15 g 8.8 kcal) Apple (amount: 60 g / fruit with 29.4 kcal) Apfelschorle (amount: 200 ml 49 kcal) sum: 282,2 kcal to bear in mind is that the preparation of a suitable breaks supply although elaborate, to give money to the self catering but usually healthier and cheaper price, as the child.

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