Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Relatives Polar

How far does the stupidity of the German population? I'm even on the topic of Knut made under, but not to mourn but to criticize. It is truly remarkable how the masses of people to keep the hand in front of your mouth and wipe the tears with a handkerchief, due to the death of a polar bear. I think of the mourners of the polar bear Knut and could only loudly shout here with regard to the stupidity of the people in the country. Of course you should pay my last respects the deceased, we mourn them and they remember, without question. Although often the most honest friend of man is an animal contemporaries, this momentary sadness goes too far.

"We reported in interviews on TV, that the animal to heartache" had died and he was driven by three deceitful female polar bears in the death. Charles Margulis understood the implications. The first time I learned that put his fans for a statue I have taken me on the forehead, but it was even better. ImTagespiegel on Saturday was abandoned real newspaper advertisement and the fans put in this the Zoo line pilloried, for the purpose of the custody"of the polar bears. Furthermore, it says that Knut felt very threatened on his bear rock. "After a deep breath I wonder: how stupid are actually become the Germans?" Now they want to know also what the polar bear has been felt, with shine most with the inability to see through the others or is able to know what it but feel. And these people want to really look into the psyche of a polar bear? "Would he show up in Bavaria, in the wild, then you would have the problem" adopted the method of euthanasia. It die almost daily in the Arctic Polar bears, only those of the fans is driven per then to throw a wreath into the water? Knut the polar bear wanted to not escape from the Zoo, because there is always something eating and reliable! So the animals think. According to the current state of knowledge, the polar bear brain disease has died, but apparently is the excessive Animal love this disease a related condition. But still the excessive love of animals is not fatal, which I take as a humanist delight to note.

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