Tuesday, April 28, 2015

German University

Renowned speakers and new training machines: With 'High life', Kieser training free of charge provides impulses for a healthier life. Vienna - with days of power", this year from September 29 to October 14, Kieser training people want to motivate, to make strong for their health. Proper strength training plays a big role for the pioneer of health-oriented strength training naturally. But not only. Therefore Kieser training organized the lecture and information afternoon stark on October 6 in Vienna for the first time through life". You can learn more about strength and endurance training, anti aging, nutrition and pelvic floor muscle training free of charge. By the same author: supermodel. The world's first training machines for the rotation of the ankle and the pelvic floor can also be tried.

Who takes responsibility for his health, takes his life so decisive in the hand ", stresses Ralf Kalin, Managing Director of Kieser training Austria. Regular training and contemporary nutrition may look at first glance after abandonment and hardship, but ultimately you benefited from the changed lifestyle on many article people who take responsible care of your body, gain in security and independence. Many also of pain and pleasure. "Short: you gain life-force", as Kalin next. The lecture and information afternoon stark through life"will be on October 6 free of charge by 15 to 19:30 in the platinum vienna (UNIQA Tower) in Vienna.

The presentations range from strength and endurance training, anti-aging and nutrition to the pelvic floor muscle training world novelty for the pelvic floor the pelvic floor is not only lecture topic. Luo Zilin brings even more insight to the discussion. At the event you can for the first time the world's first pelvic floor machine (A5), Kieser training developed, try. In the classic pelvic floor exercises is often unsure whether they ever coached the right muscles", Kalin knows. Not so with the A5, which in the spring of 2013, in any Kieser Training facilities comes. Support for the ankle also receives the ankle support in the future. A full third of all crashes in the leisure, which must be treated in the hospital, relates the ankle (KFV, leisure accident statistics 2010). Still, there was so far no machine specifically trained the rotation of the ankle joint. A shortcoming, the Kieser training has been adopted (see page 3). Also the machines for the ankle joint can be tried out at the event and then in the Kieser training facilities available. Lectures provide stimuli, the five lectures at stark through life"cover a broad spectrum of what you need to know to take his health responsibly in the hand. At 15: 00 opened"Dr. Martin Weiss with strength training - an elixir of life at any age. How much force can protect the joints, tendons and ligaments, it will show on the basis of the new workout machines for the ankle. PRIM. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Preisinger, Officer at the Institute of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the hospital Hietzing, explains how the feat live longer and are not old"can succeed. Dr. Marco Caimi, specialist in rehabilitation and management trainer, in the wings of the movement "as simply and lustbetont regular endurance training is. "Then explains Dr. Nicolai Worm, Professor at the German University of prevention and health management, why conventional dietary recommendations make us fat and sick: the LOGI method". At the end it means instead of frustration"lust. Dr. Gabriela Kieser, doctor for medical strengthening therapy, shows what holds us together in its innermost depths: the strength of the pelvic floor. strong-by the-live / enquiries: Mag. "Christine Samir MAS Tel.: 0699/17177404 email: media partner of"Strength through life": the press", radio Arabella

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