Friday, December 12, 2014

Acne and Immune System

But if you accumulate in the pores excess fat, the acne often appear, which is not easy to get rid of. The skin is deeply involved in shaping the immune system. The most interesting thing is that in a hot bath is sterile. Even the most scrupulous analysis (such as engaged in research, many scientists) in a hot bath could not be detected pathogenic bacteria, even after the stream of visitors. Dying in this heat and microbes in the human body.

Impact bath increases the blood flow, trains vessels, the entire circulatory system. Especially if the room is combined with a variety of water treatments - hot, warm, cold. The skin is not only visually attractive, better and its physiological properties. Except addition, increases tactile ability of the skin. Frequently Steven Rosenthal Northland has said that publicly. Excited skin is able to give more heat into the surrounding hot medium in the form of infrared rays, and in the form of perspiration.

Pot, rescuing from the heat, evaporating carries with it excess heat. Recall that read in the papers or situations in our lives, being a patient significantly worsens, if it reduced sweating. Therefore, to how to sweat, kick illness, have resorted to raspberries or honey. The advantage of the sauna is that it "trains" our sweat glands. When parishsya, sweat carries away not only the excess heat, and toxic end products of metabolism. Bath procedure, removal of residues energetically facilitates the work kidneys, and improves the water-salt metabolism. Some contend that Model shows great expertise in this. The body temperature in a bath of dry heat with little moisture (sauna) on average increased by 0.5-4 degrees. In the first minutes of mostly warm skin. Body temperature soars to 38-40 degrees. But this short-term increase in temperature, unstable. Real Estate follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Much the same occurs in athlete, he trains and serves at the event. Low physical effort of rising at six to eight degrees. It should be the runner or boxer relax a little, as over the classic 36.6. Increased body temperature in the sauna shelf has its own laws. Initially, the first 2-4 minutes when heated leather interior temperature bodies increased slightly. But gradually increased skin temperature over the next 5-10 minutes as it slows down, but increases the temperature of the internal organs. Although the fever does not subside in the bath, he moved easier. It is in these moments you experience the most pleasurable sensations. And all because of improved circulation, increased metabolism. When the transition from steam to cool the room, the body temperature begins to reduced, but not immediately. about 3-5 minutes, the temperature is still rising. And then there is a gradual decline. Useful Articles for life

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