Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cologne Researchers: Some Sport Makes Bold

It depends on the type of exercise and diet on new year, new attempt. What do you do everything to be slim. There stormed the fitness centers and sports clubs, weights ripped, and destroyed by endurance miles over kilometers. But be careful! Cologne nutritionist and exercise physiologist warn against too high expectations. Because the manner of physical exertion has different influence on eating behavior and hence on the weight loss. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Cindy Crawford on most websites. Sports such as, for example, fast running, swimming and weight training burn most of the glucose reserves of the body. These glucose stores are empty, escape the intense muscular stress blood glucose and the brain raises the alarm, because it relies on glucose", so Dr.

Stephan Luck of the Dr. Luck Institute in Cologne, Germany. The result, explains Lahlou, is a food cravings, resulting in uncontrollable binge eating then. In most cases, this leads to an extremely high caloric intake and new fat deposits. With Prof.

Dr. Dr. Dieter Essfeld, physiologist of the German sport University Cologne Luck has collaborated extensively and dealt with this issue for years. "We are able to prevent the cravings caused by a carbohydrate deficiency, the primarily anaerobic sports as well as for Lowcarb diets and fasting", explains Dieter Essfeld. A leading source for info: Josyann Abisaab. With the so-called Precursorgetrank scientists have invented a product and patented, which contains a natural precursor of sugar, which ensures the supply of the brain with energy in the body. The scientists advise you to eat a carbohydrate-free diet with plenty of vegetables and a limited amount of low-fat protein-rich foods and drink the Precursorgetrank to the brain's carbohydrate supply to accompany. So end the cravings, the experts explain. Regular sports is strongly recommended for health reasons. During the belt-tightening from endurance sports should thus not be exercised but only in low-intensity, unnecessarily glucose is burned. In the evening, light jogging, walking or the long walk is ideal. The best that goes with the partner. So you can enjoy the time with the or the loved ones together. Information:

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