Tuesday, January 6, 2015


' Diets need no Kniitterfalten! ' little stories, recipes and drawings 120 pages after the exhibition in Karlstadt in Wurzburg art creates understanding for each other on this formula it brought in his introduction to the Vernissage of the exhibition Mayor Paul Kruck roads connecting cultures in the European plumbing and copper smithy Museum Karlstadt, now realized the cultural Office of the city together with the international art Association (ICA) and the new books are now the art fair in the women's Museum Bonn ready. Diets need no Kniitterfalten! with little stories, recipes and drawings 120 pages ISBN: 9783839141908-BoD in bookstores for 14, 95 to order and second the full cool recipes a book with tips and tricks for survivors with the ISBN is 320 pages with recipes, drawings and small stories: to order the artist 9783839139912 BoD in bookstores for 27.00 now works under her stage name, so that the art is not mixed with the books. She's complex, mainly in the arts. This book fully cool recipes was created by the many observations at vernissages and other conditions. She has lovingly collected this excess life book with recipes, stories, photos and drawings. The recipes are from the student time, known by friends and family from home and abroad...A book for survivors and want to be there. Diets need not creases! is caused by the many observations at vernissages and cheerful written and illustrated in contrast to all the knitted and sometimes unnecessary dieting.

Also in the year 2010, it goes but not lost, their work will be also the art Marienkirche Stralsund in Luneburg, bad Bevensen, in the higher regional court of Cologne, St. and in the women s Museum in the Gambia Mama Africa is planning a smooth opening beginning of December To provide for a solar-wind-energy system be calling. Graziella, the stroke in the landscape is always ground no matter when and where! As long as I can remember, Graziella makes a diet, while she has estimated the dress size 38.

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