Sunday, January 25, 2015

Psychologists And Crises

And it was after the sixth anniversary of psychologists promise to the next crisis. Well, this should well prepared. And you have to do as much as 6-years old:) In a colossal amount of time the first thing to - this, of course, get to know each other. Suddenly it turns out, it collects candy wrappers with a picture of Formula 1 and is always hiding it all. And she suddenly recognized that hates toilet water, that she give each year on March 8. Here is where the need to rouse herself.

Well, why in the future to spoil a holiday So do not forget, go and write, watch just remember: the gift - it's part of life your loved one is - and this is his moment - his memory. All seriously enough. Why did the anniversary - "iron"? And what can we do? Recall: cast iron, despite the apparent strength of the external, is a brittle metal. Strong heavy blow could damage him and he - will crack. It is such a young family and relationships: in spite of a considerable period of living together, you need to be alert and mindful of the fact that although family and "Formed", it is still necessary to support each other and the fire hearth. Let's start with you, two loving hearts. Women as more "disturbing" family members will necessarily know that that's it tomorrow, "the same day. After all, once she was engaged to - a sweet, prosperous, favorite dove.

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