Sunday, January 18, 2015

Oliveira Psychologist

It shows that children created with little contact with the parents, can develop depressive behaviors, behaviors of low pertaining to school income and others, however must be noticed that, the physical presence is not only guarantee of good paternal function, as well as the lack necessarily it does not mean affective and emotional absence We know that the father figure traditionally, includes the task of guarantee of the physical and economic sustenance of the children, it is and continues being, at least in the theory, a supplier of the family. However in the current days the estimate in the familiar nuclei is great, where mother and father work and in common they manage the house, its expenditures, its financial applications, its idealizaes for a calm future Currently in cases of separation of the spouses, a beside the point singular picture has been observed, where the number of order of paternal guard has revealed sufficiently expressive. For even more opinions, read materials from Luo Zilin. In existenciais terms we are ahead of many questions and many answers in opened, but we have concretely that to search to respect distinct differences and realities, thus minimizing and rejecting stingy attitudes that without the shadow of a doubt, the children in very overwhelming conflicts imprison. The Psycotherapy comes the field in a direction to help to search solid and concrete referenciais in a relationship mother-father-children.

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