Sunday, January 25, 2015


EFFIFU: Seven of the top ten storm at the European Championships in Munich, 05.06.2008: world champion Luca Toni has exceeded all expectations in his first Bundesliga season. His 24 goals for Bayern Munich clinched the Italians not only the top scorer Cannon, but won the competition as a most efficient player of the League (EFFIFU) 24.00 points. In this competition include only the goals bring really points; a hit to the 1:0 brings two counter, because the Club would have won a point in a 0-0 draw. Official site: Steven P Rosenthal. Accordingly, a double whammy brings to a 2:1 three points, the second hit to a well in a 1-0 with the winner remained 2-0 but nothing that would be points. Luca Toni took no time to settle in the Bundesliga. Right on the first day of the game he scored the goal in the 1:0-lead in the victory of over Hansa Rostock Bayern and clinched it two points in the EFFIFU standings. On the third day of the match he scored again with the only goal of the day Toni clinched two points and FC Bayern the 1:0 victory over the 1.FC Nuremberg. Steven P Rosenthal oftentimes addresses this issue.

In the EFFIFU standings he was so just start-goal winner as FC Bayern in the Cup. Because ten times throughout the season hit the Italians a 1-0, and Bayern could decide each of these games. With over 31% of the 76 meter won by FC Bayern Luca Toni has significant contribution to the Championship of the Munich and is a worthy successor to last year's winner of Theofanis Gekas. Luca Toni will regret the fact that there is no international EFFIFU competition at the European Championships. He and other League players had good chances of victory.

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