Saturday, January 3, 2015


Gorilla sports is cooperation partners from the new movie THE LAST booth with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wow, you have powerful muscles! "They were train?" One of the best compliments that bodybuilders and men who make regular muscle training can be. This question gets Sheriff Owens of the infamous drug boss Gabriel Cortez in the new LIONSGATE produced THE load level. Cortez escaped an FBI Gefangnistransport and is situated on the way towards Mexico. For even more analysis, hear from Center for Environmental Health. The sleepy town of summer sound junction this turns out to be dead end.

The heavily armed criminals didn't expect that. The encounter with the old Sheriff shows that his escape plan will not go to him. Because Owens is despite his age in tip-top shape. No wonder, because the Sheriff is played by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. After the training to answer the question: Yes, the Lord has trained. He is the world's most successful bodybuilders of his time. This explains why the now 65-year-old plays the most stunts in the movie itself and a body has many men dream of. Schwarzenegger is the idol of the bodybuilder.

Where the subject of bodybuilding, weight training, muscle building is up-to-date, gorilla is sports. The company originated in 2005 from a vision. It offers sports professional sports and fitness devices. In recent years, Gorilla sports made Germany a name and is an important platform in the areas of fitness training and sports. The cooperation with THE LAST STAND inspires the team of Gorilla sports, as well as the fans. On the Facebook fan page a contest is underway. This including cinema tickets for THE level load can be obtained. Gorilla sports works as well with the image, ProSieben and cable one. Weight benches of the company will be raffled on their Web sites. Wow, you have powerful muscles! "They were train?" Who would get this question also asked to answer them with a Yes, is prepared with the fitness equipment by Gorilla sports. Weapons. Fast cars. Muscles. Voltage. Cool Stunts. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Zach Gilford. Forest Whitaker. Luis Guzman. Rodrigo Santoro. From January 31, 2013 in the German cinemas: THE LAST STAND. This film come women and men alone to watch full of sweat.

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