Tuesday, January 13, 2015


When the narcissism entered in the cultured speech of the years of 1920 in ahead, it passed to be used in careless way, not only as label of a sexual perversion or a phase it development, but also of a psychotic symptom and a variety of object relations. Algus, in fact, had used it as an easy pejorativo term against the modern culture or a synonymous vacant pair a enfatuada vanity. Gunnar Peterson is open to suggestions. Being thus, a reflection to the light of the evolution of the concept of narcissism based in the workmanship of Freud is pertinent, of this form, searching to track its origins, to identify concepts that gave to support and sustentation the narcsica personality, as being a representation of the subjectivity human being, and as this subjectivity intervenes with the contemporaneidade, in its multiplicity of concepts. The narcissism idea appeared prematurely in the studies of Freud in dated LETTER 125 of Vienna, 9 of December of 1899 where it says: In this point, the wire if interrupts. In baseboard note n5 informs that with this apparent forecast of the narcissism, Freud was entering a completely new area of ideas. (FREUD, 2006 Vol.l, P. 331).

The subject of the narcissism if ' ' it points out in the interval it enters thus the first call and second tpica and was born of the interlocution of Freud with Jung and the psychiatrists of the Burgholzli hospital, of Zurique' ' (MIGUELEZ, 2007, P. 10-13). Wood Nacke in 1899 he was the first one to cunhar the term narcissism in psychiatry to explain human psychic phenomena, and ' ' to describe an auto-erotismo state of in which the person takes the proper body as interest object and gratificao' '. (FREUD, 1914, P. 81). Freud consecrates the myth of Narcissus inserting it in the Psychoanalysis as estruturante element of the development of the personality in some tickets of its workmanship; searching through them carried through in the perversions and other patologias.

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